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  • Hire top level freelance web designer, graphic designer Canada

If you are seeking for skilled and creative web designer to design your website? I can assist you to make attractive website. Myself Luis Balaguer an experienced graphic and web designer from Canada. As a professional freelance web designer, I will design and develop an eye catchy website for your business. I under the importance of website in online business. I will understand your all requirements and you will get exactly what you want. You will get complete end-to-end services with 24*7 hours online support.

I will provide you graphic design, web design, flash web design, brochure design, web 2.0, usability and web standards, dynamic web programming, search Engine optimization, project management, 3D modeling, surfacing and Rigging, 2D – 3D animation.

I have my portfolio for viewing some examples of my work.

Feel free to write me at creativo@luisba.com or call me at (647) 852-1717 for any of your requirement. I will be happy to assist you.

Luis Balaguer - Web Design

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(647) 852-1717
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Mississauga | posted on: 09-07-2012
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